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Soho in 1986

A few weeks ago I wrote about how special it is to go for a walk in London. Lee commented with his memory of walking in London in 1992, and now Simon has chipped in with his memories of Soho in 1986:

I worked in Soho in ’86/’87. I remember the old actor and his wife at number 40 Dean Street – George Munting, I remember Paul Raymond coming to check on his flats, I remember Derek Block getting angry with someone parking in his space, smashing the windscreen and then paying to get it mended. I remember Michael, I remember the gay pub on Old Compton Street. I remember the working girls and Dog Shit Alley. I remember the lump of lead the landlord at the Ship in Wardour street used to keep “just in case”. I remember “Just in case”.

I remember having a chat out of the window with a girl in marketing, 2 doors down and one floor up, I remember the offie in Old Compton Street selling the cheapest wine I ever bought outside France, T remember learning to juggle in Soho Square, I remember Rupert Rhymes (then head of ENO) bringing donuts, I remember being the only one in the neighbourhood that went into the bookshops for the books, I remember Ronnie Scott’s jokes, I remember a village. Good times!

Simon Harding

I want to say a big thank you to both Lee and Simon for sharing their memories and giving me a glimpse of a city I never knew. If you have a memory you want to share of London please do chip in.