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Michelle Obama Mom Dancing

It’s sadly been a while since my last post. Not sure why, but time has clearly run away with itself and I’ve been too busy living life to write about it!

Which, in a way, is a shame because the whole purpose of this blog is to write about what I get up to in London to remember all the things I’ve done (and to encourage others to try the good bits too). I’ll try and catch up soon, as I have been to some interesting places recently. I’ve even been South of the river. Twice.

For now though cast your eyes over this awesome bit of Mom dancing by Michelle Obama. Like everyone else who has blogged about this I bloody love Michelle Obama. There would be a picture of her under awesome in my pictorial dictionary.

And Brits – share with your mum for Mother’s Day. She will love it. Just don’t try and get her to recreate it…

east village london

I’m London Living’s Pick of the Week!

east village london

Image: East Village London

After a ridiculously long journey to work (2 hours instead of 10 minutes on the train) my day could only get better. And it did!

I work for a great company who bring a masseuse to the office once a month for us all to enjoy a massage. And today, thankfully, was massage day! So after a stressful start I actually ended up nice and relaxed by the time I dived into my work.

Taking a brief break to check my personal Twitter profile, I saw a lovely tweet from the kind folk over at East Village London. They told me to check out their most recent article where I am featured as their Twitter profile of the week.

Our Twitter profile of the week goes to North London blogger, Carla B, author of blog London is for living. Tweeting about property, pubs, culture and more general London stuff, Carla is well worth a follow if you’re keen to find out more about our city. And she’s even the holder of a legendary Blue Peter badge!

I’m participating in a Twinterview with them tomorrow from 3pm, so catch it live if you can (but you will find all my answers on my Twitter feed afterwards too).

FYI – the postcode for East Village London is E20. This is a new postcode created for the site of the 2012 Olympics, but might be familiar to those of you who watch Eastenders as the postcode for Walford!

Ice Skating in London

I’m an awful ice skater but that doesn’t stop me from rushing out each winter to an outdoor ice rink. This year we are going to make a day of it – but where to go?!

I’m going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park another time so that venue is out. I’m thinking either Somerset House, Tower of London or Natural History Museum – what do you suggest?

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

Happy Sunday! Oh wait…

This weekend I dined at the Cinnamon Club, had the ultimate cheesy day frolicking about in Southend, wandered around beautiful parks and ate waffles. It was pretty awesome. Blogs on all the above to follow soon, but what did you get up to this weekend?

For now, some finds from my internet travels last week:

Want to eliminate the exploitation and abuse of workers making sporting goods? Find out which of the leading sport brands are willing to change.

A very cute homemade gift to celebrate / commiserate the end of summer.

An awesome recipe (and blog) everyone will love. If you don’t… I’m not sure we can be friends.

A little bit of humour that I hope will raise a smile.

Pinterest Finds: London 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games have been more enjoyable than I could have imagined. I have lost so many hours watching incredible athletes fight for their dreams and it is has been a wonderful experience. So, in honour of the Games, here are some great Olympics pins I found on Pinterest this week.