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City Life


“The mixture of difference and indifference can be described as cosmopolitanism. In social science this term does not refer to chic clothing or suave manners; it names more fundamentally a sense of comfort and security in the midst of strangers. The essence of this comfort I think can be explained as follows: cosmopolitanism consists of stimulation by the presence of others but not identification with them.”
Richard Sennett

If only I had a porch

floral porchWithin a week of breaking my leg I started wishing for one thing. I wished I had a porch.

When I talk about porches I’m talking about the Deep South. A porch with proper swings as chairs, where you sit and chat with passers by over glasses of iced tea. A place that provides a change of scene and that special kind of companionship with people you don’t really know.

I’ve never visited the Deep South so my knowledge is a stereotype gleaned from too many books and films. For all I know the pretty picture I’ve painted in my mind is a lie; can anybody save my dreams and tell me this type of living exists? Is it as magical as I wish it to be? Continue reading