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My Clinique Live Chat Experience

tech tuesday clinique live chat experienceI’m really excited to launch a new series of posts called Tech Tuesday! The content will be a mixture of how to guides and posts that take a look at some technology related issues. This week I’ve decided to talk about my Clinique live chat experience which I hope you’ll find interesting.

My Clinique live chat experience

Live chat software is a funny kind of animal. I’ve always felt that live chat exists to make a brand look customer focused, which is great in theory and disappointing in reality. More often than not the employees managing a company’s live chat interface are not given the same authority as other members of the customer service team; if no differentiation between the teams has been made clear to the customer, it’s almost always going to be a negative experience.

I spent a lot of time using Virgin Atlantic’s live chat offering earlier this year, trying to understand if and how we could rearrange our flights to America after I broke my leg. My experience was bad because nobody behind the computer had the authority to do anything, including answering basic questions. That’s not acceptable when your live chat service is portrayed as an alternative to a phone call. Virgin Atlantic’s representatives were always polite but their only purpose was to direct you to an expensive phone number, but only after you’d gone round in circles for twenty minutes.

Last week I found myself on Clinique’s website, pondering whether to buy a new facial toner. I’m familiar with Clinique products and used the facial toner in question a few years ago, but I really needed some advice about whether it was currently the best thing to use on my skin.

Despite previous negative live chat experiences, l saw there was a live chat facility on their website and decided to give it a go. After saying hello I asked ‘Sam’ whether the facial toner in question was suitable for my skin type. Instead of replying ‘yes’, Sam asked me a few questions and we went back and forth for a while before she recommended a different product entirely – which happened to cost less than the product I was thinking of buying.

What I liked most about this live chat experience was that it mirrored the customer service experience I’ve received in-store at a Clinique counter previously. This is absolutely key – it is essential that brands considering a live chat facility ensure they can deliver the same level of service that their customers have come to expect from them offline. Considering skincare is predominantly a face-to-face issue, I was really impressed with my experience online and Clinique have maintained my trust.

What I liked about my Clinique live chat experience:

  1. A photo and brief biography of the consultant you are speaking to is available for you to see before your Clinique live chat experience starts.
  2. Two types of chat are available on Clinique’s website – one with experienced online Clinique consultants for skincare queries and one with the customer services team for technical issues and order queries.
  3. Unique answers! I quizzed Sam about the product she suggested and her response was unique to my situation.

 Have you used live chat software before? Which brands are doing it ‘right’?

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Play the piano at St Pancras International Rail Station

Two pianos have popped up in Kings Cross station. I noticed them a while ago and I’m desperate to give it a go. I’m getting pretty good at ‘Amazing Grace’ on the iPad app ;)

Kings Cross station is one of my favourite places in the world and the pianos make the experience of walking across the station even better. Music is beautiful.


Inappropriate use of a QR code

My biggest pet hate of 2011 was the inappropriate use of the QR code.

In 2013 I thought we had gotten over this obsession of sticking a QR code on absolutely everything.

I thought the days of QR codes on posters in tube stations (underground! With no signal!) were over.

It appears not.


A QR code on my teabag. Seriously?

east village london

I’m London Living’s Pick of the Week!

east village london

Image: East Village London

After a ridiculously long journey to work (2 hours instead of 10 minutes on the train) my day could only get better. And it did!

I work for a great company who bring a masseuse to the office once a month for us all to enjoy a massage. And today, thankfully, was massage day! So after a stressful start I actually ended up nice and relaxed by the time I dived into my work.

Taking a brief break to check my personal Twitter profile, I saw a lovely tweet from the kind folk over at East Village London. They told me to check out their most recent article where I am featured as their Twitter profile of the week.

Our Twitter profile of the week goes to North London blogger, Carla B, author of blog London is for living. Tweeting about property, pubs, culture and more general London stuff, Carla is well worth a follow if you’re keen to find out more about our city. And she’s even the holder of a legendary Blue Peter badge!

I’m participating in a Twinterview with them tomorrow from 3pm, so catch it live if you can (but you will find all my answers on my Twitter feed afterwards too).

FYI – the postcode for East Village London is E20. This is a new postcode created for the site of the 2012 Olympics, but might be familiar to those of you who watch Eastenders as the postcode for Walford!


I had a huge surprise on Monday morning when an iPad was placed in my hands. It was insanely exciting and I’m still enjoying just looking at it. Such a beautiful piece of kit.

That said, I’m not quite the Mac geek that I once was, and it turns out I don’t know that much about technology any more. So any tips on how to get the most from my shiny new toy?

Excuse the photo, it’s pretty irrelevant and just me desperately trying out the camera while I wait for dinner to cook. But since its there, why not give it a listen? The Band rock.

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