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I’m back

I’m back blogging! A short hiatus turned into a longer one as I kept waiting for the perfect time to delve deep into the world of HTML and CSS.

Funny thing is, I don’t think there is a perfect time to start learning something new. If I keep waiting for it, I won’t blog again for months so I’ve decided to get back on bandwagon, blog when I can and play around with the code whenever I do have time.

Any design suggestions and CSS tips are welcome. Hint hint.

sunday selection

Sunday Selection

I’m back with a great selection of posts for your Sunday reading pleasure!

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend :)



Sunday Link Selection

Historic look at Saks Fifth Avenue

An interesting perspective of Tokyo

Lovely image to raise a smile

A good read for my future self


From London is Living this week:

Twelfth Night at the Geffrye Museum

Pizarro, Bermondsey

Pinterest Finds: 2013 Calendars

Everyone says they would have fought against slavery 150 years ago. Now’s your chance.

Each day WordPress and their Freshly Pressed function brings at least one gem to the table. Last Sunday I noticed a post called ‘What choices do I have‘ which I found suitably intriguing.

I’m interested in consumerism and find the internet to be a great source of inspiration, and the blog in question is just another of those posts that remind me to think once again about my lifestyle choices. There are so many more things about my life that I could change, and posts like this provide a nudge and encourage me to take another step.

This blog post led me to Slavery Footprint, a site that evaluates your life choices and suggests the number of slaves that essentially work for you. There are lots of interesting stats dotted throughout and the site is beautifully made. At the very least, taking the short quiz will highlight habits that you probably wish you didn’t have, and it might spur you on to start making the changes you need to make in order to be the person you want to be.

wordpress likes

Thank you for the likes

Thank you.

wordpress likes

Each and every like encourages me to continue blogging. Everyone needs an outlet and this is mine – so thanks for reading, liking, commenting and sharing.

Your interaction leads me to check out every single one of you and I find lots of brilliant new blogs to follow this way… not bad for a simple ‘like’!

200 WordPress Blog Likes

Thank you SO much for all your likes since this blog began. In a little over a month you have given me 200 likes which makes me feel rather very special.

I love blogging; sharing information, getting new ideas and engaging in great conversations. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

If there was a button to like YOU I would click it!

My top 5 posts by likes

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Why spend a fortune on a Starbucks cappuccino when you can make your own for pennies?

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Japanese dinner feast

Well I never… seems you love my food posts the most! Very happy with that :)