The best piece of advice for nervous flyers

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My friend Katie has been scared of flying for years. I’ve held her hand (and her sick bag) on many flights and tried to be as good a friend as possible. In recent years she’s got a lot better and handles flights like a trouper.

Before I headed off to California I told her how scared I was about flying. I’m okay until we are up in the air and then I freak out. She recommended I settle my nerves with Rescue Remedy and gave me this great piece of advice:

When you’re on a plane and think something bad is about to happen, imagine you’re seeing your mum for the first time after your holiday and picture telling her about all the amazing things you did.

Obviously you can substitute your mum for your dad, partner or your best friend, but for me this worked perfectly. I love seeing my mum after a trip and telling her about all the places I visited, and visualising this happy reunion moment where I’m safe and sound after a flight really worked for me.

Do you have any advice for nervous flyers?

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