Boats at sea in Sandbanks

Throwback Thursday – Sandbanks

Boats at sea in Sandbanks

It was my final term of university and things were getting stressful. One morning my close friend and housemate popped her head into my room and said she was going to Sandbanks to escape for a while, and would I like to go too?

Minutes later the three of us (best friends and housemates) dropped everything, got into the car and ate chocolate covered marshmallows as we drove to Sandbanks, one of the finest places on the south coast. It was uncharacteristic behaviour for us all (we had exams to study for, dissertations to write, books to read…) but without realising it we all desperately needed a break and some quality time having fun together.

We were so excited to see the sea and skipped along the beach for ages before stopping for afternoon tea and cake. After more time on the beach we drove to Corfe Castle where we ran up and down the hills, posed for pictures, danced and sang. We’re an easily pleased bunch.

Afterwards we wandered around the area and saw a steam train. Then we found a lake in a field and sat by it for a while, lying back to gaze at the sky and zone out. When it got cold we drove back to Sandbanks (at which point I snapped the picture above), treated ourselves to dinner and drove back to our house.

This was one of the happiest afternoons of my life. I’m not sure what made it so wonderful, but looking back at the pictures from that day I’ve honestly never seen us look so good. Rosy cheeks and wispy hair really worked for us that day! Spontaneity had paid off and we took so much pleasure from the simple things in life that day – friendship, tea and fresh sea air.

Each Thursday I post a photo from the past, usually with a few words about where and when it was taken. You might like to read last week’s Throwback Thursday – Boston.

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