Tiny homes, a London challenge, the food politics of Los Angeles + more


Thanks to Timehop I realised today marks one year since I broke my leg. Timehop reminds you what photos you took this time last year, and it seems that whilst I was in a morphine induced haze alone in A&E I took photos of the drip, the cannula and my ripped leggings. Because that’s what society today is about folks. I’m going to blame the morphine for my snap happy attempt at documenting life that day, and just be grateful that I had enough clarity to resist sharing the moment with you all on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

It’s not been a bad weekend for an anniversary. The mighty Spurs beat A****** in the London derby, I had a lovely gin cocktail at book group yesterday (& an even lovelier time catching up with friends) and today I managed to eat half a platter of smoked salmon bridge rolls at tea time so you can’t ask for a better weekend than that.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

The food politics of Los Angeles

This takes micro homes to a whole new level (h/t @whampstead)

The old pastry shops of downtown Tehran

The role design can play in empowering sustainable actions

How to digitally restore vintage maps

Challenge of the year – who fancies it?

Have a great week ahead,


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