Tune Hotel Canary Wharf review

I spent some time working in Canary Wharf a few years ago. I hated it. I’ve always found it cold, corporate and a capitalist dream. Which is why when I was contacted about reviewing the new Tune Hotel in Canary Wharf I was tempted to say no.

But who says no to a staycation? Not me, so last week we packed an overnight bag and headed off for a night away in Canary Wharf.

canary wharf station

Tune Hotel Canary Wharf review

There are Tune Hotels located all over the world with five in London and plenty in Asia and Australasia. Their concept is to offer a great night’s sleep at a great price, which means there’s a basic room price and a menu of extras you can add depending on your needs. The idea is that you pay for what you need and then add on extras only if you need them.

The hotel is a ten minute walk from Canary Wharf station, round the corner from lots of restaurants and bars and across the road from the Museum of London Docklands. Canary Wharf is surprisingly pretty at night by the river and we loved this church!

canary wharf church

Tune Hotel Canary Wharf is incredibly modern and minimal. The reception area is bright and the staff that helped us were fantastic. Reception is manned 24/7 and the reception staff were cheerful and helpful. Check-in took all of one minute and check-out took even less.

tune hotel canary wharf review

Everything is digital at the Tune Hotel. There’s a control panel for adjusting room temperature and for changing the light – we had a lot of fun playing around with the lighting…

tune hotel lighting

After playing around with the lights we popped out for dinner nearby. As we were on the full amenities package (towels, toiletries, television, Wi-Fi) I had the worlds longest shower when we came back. The shower was amazing. I literally stayed in there for thirty minutes slowly warming up from the cold Canary Wharf breeze!

tune hotel canary wharf toiletries

The next morning we checked out which involved handing back our key. Quick, simple and perfect if you’ve got to head off to a meeting or work. We stopped for coffee at Taylor Street Baristas before getting on the tube to work which definitely beat Starbucks.

The Tune Hotel Canary Wharf is a fantastic place to say if you need accommodation in the area. I’d definitely stay in another hotel in the chain again in an European city. The hotel is reasonably priced, exceptionally clean and the shower was amazing – my only requirements for hotels in a city as I hate spending time inside unless I’m sleeping!

I was a guest of Tune Hotels. All opinions are, as usual, my own.

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