Summer… It kinda takes over your life. Between squeezing a years worth of picnics into a month full of weekends and collapsing in a heap every night after disgustingly hot tube journeys on weekdays, I’ve been too hot / tired / busy to blog. 

Sunday Selections have also been thin on the ground because I’ve succumbed to devouring tube journey fodder, aka every John Grisham novel under the sun, neglecting the hard-hitting long reads like those I’ve shared in previous posts.

There are a few exceptions to that rule. Scrap that, there’s one exception to that rule. And that is waitbutwhy, only the best blog I’ve come across in a long while. I delve into their archives daily; here are my favourite blog posts so far:

Your life in weeks

How to pick your life partner

Your family: past, present and future

How to name a baby

Have a great week.

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