My weekend on Instagram

My weekend started with a walk without crutches all by myself for the first time since the beginning of February. It was slow, a little scary, really tiring and slightly painful but totally wonderful too. I walked to my local coffee shop to meet a colleague and we had a good catch-up. It was wonderfully normal.

In the afternoon a friend came over to start planning our postponed California trip. And by planning I mean making a list of places we want to eat tacos / drink margaritas / slurp on kale smoothies.

On Sunday we walked to the ice cream van, but by the time I got there at snails pace the ice cream man had driven away! We walked back and started making dinner – mackerel pad Thai with green tea cocktails – which made up for not getting a 99.

Hope you had a great weekend!

weekend on instagram

Our first courgette is growing; green tea cocktails; compiling a list of every band I’ve seen live.

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