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I took a trip just outside of London this weekend to visit a friend in Eton. If you’ve never been catch a train from Paddington to Slough (15 minutes) and then get a kind friend to pick you up bus into Windsor. In Windsor marvel at the castle, maybe take a look inside and if you are brave enough attempt the Long Walk up to the King George III statue.

Then get yourself to Eton for old bookshops, beautiful architecture and the image of a young Boris and call me Dave wandering the streets in their youth.

Back to reality and there is a lot happening in London over the next few weeks. Here are a few tips, statistics and links that you might like to read:

Open House London have announced the properties opening their doors this September. Most events are free and first come first served, but for access to the Shard and a few other sites you need to register your interest online.

The average price of a property in London is now £318,214 (Nationwide House Price Index, via the Guardian)

A look outside St Pancras public baths

I haven’t been to one of these in while but the St Paul’s Forums are well worth attending. It’s worth it for the location alone (and they are free).

5 thoughts on “What’s happening in London

      1. rickouellette2013

        Thanks, I’m sure I will as the trip gets closer. I want to take my son on a North London tour, to Highgate Cemetery (went there myself on my last trip back in the 90s) as well to Muswell Hill (home of my favorite group, the Kinks) and maybe on to Alexandra Palace etc. Have only had a quick glance at map so far to see how these places relate. Take care, Rick

        1. Carla B

          North London is the best part of London :) The Kinks are my favourite band too so well worth going to see where it all began, although it is very residential around there. Alexandra Palace and Muswell Hill are very close; Highgate is also nearby but not really walkable.

          Have a picnic on Hampstead Heath too if the weather is nice. Although it is full of chain shops now, Hampstead has some lovely pubs and cobbled streets which are typically ‘British’. The view from the top of Parliament Hill lets you see all over London for free – much cheaper than a trip up the Shard!

          1. rickouellette2013

            Great tips, I wish I were going sooner. Last time, I walked past the Archway Tavern on the other side of the street, not realizing it was the pub where they shot the cover of “Muswell Hillbillies”. Will be more prepared next time!


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