Notting Hill, London

Competition: Where would you like to live in London?

Notting Hill, London

I have written a bit about property in London before. You can’t really escape the effect it has on the capital – with recent research showing that the average monthly rent across the UK rose for the third year running, you can be certain that London is leading the trend.

According to Endsleigh Insurance, the ‘figures indicate that despite the challenging economic times, the lettings market has remained buoyant’. This is particularly true in London, where demand for rental properties grows as jobs and the London lifestyle continue to bring people to the city. I could bore you all day with the latest property data, but instead I want to take a look at the lighter side of London property!

You may have noticed a new feature on this blog – a weekly (amateur) photo of a place in London that I would rather like to live. I thought it might be nice to hear where you would most like to live in London, so how about a little competition to get you talking?

Please leave a comment below stating where in the capital you would most like to live – and if you can give a reason, all the better. I will collate the comments and we can see where most people would like to call home.

I will pick a winner at random who will win £200 worth of vouchers that you can spend on hotels, theatre tickets or in restaurants – and if you want any suggestions on how to spend them, I’m sure I can help!

Competition ends 4 November at 23:59pm

17 thoughts on “Competition: Where would you like to live in London?

  1. Alex Hilbrown (@alex_bakes)

    It’s a toss up…I really love the idea of Richmond (if I ever won the lottery that is!) as it looks so pretty and idyllic, and somehow not like London at all! But at the opposite end of the spectrum I have a little soft spot for Hackney, as that’s where my partner lived when we first met so I have lots of lovely memories of the area. Look forward to hearing where else people’s London living fantasies are! x

  2. Katie Beck

    I’d love to live In one of the beautiful painted houses in Primrose Hill, or on a canal boat in Little Venice. I’d swap both of them for 221B Baker Street though. Because, well, Sherlock.

  3. Chloe

    So I’ve just moved to London (Shepherd’s Bush) and thought it would be the dream (because of it’s proximity to Strictly Come Dancing…) but I’ve now realised that Chelsea is very much the ideal. Especially as you get the flower show there too… I don’t mind the Bush though!

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  5. Tristan

    Hampstead Heath for sure. There’s an abundance of greenery, small football grounds, and charity shops that are so well stocked because the affluent natives throw out so many fascinating things!

  6. james gaitskell

    For me it has to be mayfair/hyde park corner
    Just due to both being so central and the area is just amazing with everything that happens on your door step!!

  7. Peter Fine

    I think I change my mind about this weekly, but would probably go for Islington since it’s a great area that’s also close to all the interesting people and places in East London.

  8. Felicia Brokaw

    Hi. Just found this and I know the competition has expired but…. just for fun – I don’t know London too well, still much to be explored by me… but I did really enjoy Notting Hill and Holland Park areas. Also Primrose Hill was lovely. Anyway, Cheers!


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