Why you should register to vote

The Electoral Commission recently confirmed that close to one million people have dropped off the electoral roll since 2014.

If you’re not on the electoral roll, you can’t vote. And if you can’t vote, you’re losing your democratic right to help decide who runs this country.

Three reasons why you should register to vote

  • You pretty much can’t buy a property if you haven’t registered to vote. Good luck getting a mortgage without being on the electoral roll.
  • Can’t afford a property in London, or anywhere else for that matter? Vote for the party you think are most likely to ensure you have a safe and secure home in the future, whether that’s one that will build new homes or one that has plans for longer tenancies.
  • If you don’t vote it suggests we’re an apathetic and lazy nation. Don’t want to vote for any politician because you hate them all? No worries – spoil your vote instead. Show you’re not lazy, you just don’t think anyone on the voting card is worthy of a seat.

It only take five minutes to register to vote. If you want to vote in the 2015 election, you need to register to vote before Monday 20 April. Register to vote here.

(h/t to Tulip Siddiq for sharing this statistic)

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