Will Self on skyscrapers, London boroughs and a blueprint map of the week


Surely I’m not the only one that finds Bank Holiday weekends so disorientating? After weeks of religiously posting numerous Sunday Selections on (wait for it) Sundays, I’ve only gone and messed up because it’s now Monday night and I’ve got no clue what’s going on. How I’ve had four days off and not really registered that is beyond me.

This weekend has seen a lot of family stuff, the baking of several sweet potato burgers and the spiralising of a ton of courgetti. I also rediscovered 2048, reaching that sweet number an embarrassing number of times and then today I reached 4096, before realising that I really need to get a life.

I sincerely hope your weekend was filled with fun and frolics and I promise to actually do some stuff in London, and blog about it, soon. Just as soon as I delete that blasted 2048 app.

Here’s some stuff from the Internet I’ve been reading this week:

Will Self talking about skyscrapers. On a random note, I once attended a lecture presented by the great man himself. Just as interesting in real life.

Happy birthday London boroughs!

10 ways to solve Britain’s housing crisis

Map of the week: Blueprinted

Hand drawn map of the week: (via Reddit)

Want of the week: this desktop London skyline organiser

Have a great week,


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